My Ideal Saturday


Happy Friday! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunny weather as much as I am and that you have a nice chilled out weekend ahead. Today I’m sharing an outfit from last Saturday and I’m going to be telling you all what I got up to during the day because it was my favourite type of Saturday ever- one that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. I was intending on including some photos of the day taken on my film camera with this post however I actually took some film to get developed on Saturday and it came back totally blank- a sure sign that my camera was broke, so I couldn’t take any pictures on it that day. That was the only part of my Saturday that wasn’t ideal. Anyway, some photos of my outfit will have to do for now- hope you don’t mind!

I spent Friday night at my boyfriend’s so woke up at his beautiful house in the Georgian Quarter of Liverpool, where these photos were taken. The Georgian Quarter is one of my favourite areas of Liverpool and I am unbearably jealous that Sam is renting a room in a student house there this year! We spent the morning lazing around in bed, watching the end of the film from the night before whilst eating crumpets, before getting out of bed just before lunch time to get ready for the day.

We then headed into the centre of Liverpool and our first port of call was Max Spielmann to get my film developed. At this point I was cheery and excited to get my film back (notice how I’m going to skip over the part where I collect my film to make sure this post stays true to its title). We then headed to Pret-A-Manger for lunch. Pret is my favourite place to go for lunch as they do so many great vegan options and are always switching them up and the food tends to be quite healthy, which is always a plus.

Then came my favourite part of the day- shopping! I wasn’t intending to buy anything (famous last words) but did actually end up buying a chunky knitted jumper in Urban Outfitters (which isn’t really appropriate for this week’s heatwave but it’s never a bad time to buy a jumper in the UK) and some more summery pieces in Topshop including this polka dot crop top, which I’m already getting my wear out of thanks to the heatwave, and this skirt.

Before heading home, we stopped for some ice cream at Paolo & Donato’s- they do great vegan ice cream (and non-vegan too) and seeing as this was one of the warmest days so far this year (will I ever stop talking about the weather?), it felt wrong not to stop for ice cream. After we finished eating, we headed back home, stopping to take these photos on the way.

The evening seemed to come around really quickly, probably thanks to our late start, and pretty much as soon as I got back to Sam’s, I was leaving again to meet my friends for some food and drinks in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. We started off in The Botanical Garden- an outdoor gin bar which is so picturesque (although, ironically, I don’t have a photo of it) and had such a nice atmosphere with great music. After one drink here, we crossed the road to the Baltic Market, a warehouse with various independent food stalls, a bar and live music. This is definitely one of my favourite spots in Liverpool and is just as good in the day as it is in the night so it’s definitely worth a trip. I enjoyed a delicious veggie burger and chips (not quite as healthy as my lunch) and spent the evening chatting (and singing) with my friends. I’ve felt so lucky to be able to spend so much time with my friends who have been part of my life for 8 years, some of them more than that, over the Easter break whilst being home from UNI. I’ve been wanting to write a post about valuing friendship (and especially female friendship) since starting my blog now because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, so look out for that in the next few weeks (or possibly months depending on how efficient I am).

After my idea of a perfect day, I was home to my family and in bed by midnight, which honestly made it all the better because I bloody love a good early night (I’m such a 19 year old granny). I think I enjoyed this day so much because it was the perfect mixture of relaxed and busy, plus I got to spend time with lots of loved ones, and this is how I would spend every Saturday if I was able to.

I feel like I can’t just not talk about my outfit when all of the photos in this post are based around it, so I’ll tell you a bit about it. Starting from the bottom up, I recently picked up these Nike Cortez trainers in the ASOS sale because I’ve been looking for a pair of pastel-coloured trainers for a while now and these seemed to fit the bill perfectly. They are unbelievably comfortable. I am the most blister-prone person known to existence and I wore these for days at a time without breaking them in with no blisters in sight. I wasn’t expecting them to go so well with this top but they really do and I feel like these co-ordinating pastels are what make this outfit so spring-appropriate. I didn’t actually like these jeans/trousers from Topshop when they originally arrived on the post but, stupidly, I took the labels off and so couldn’t send them back. But they’ve actually really grown on me now and I felt confident in them all day. Although it’s not something that shows in my blog posts, I use tote bags almost every day because they’re so practical and easy to wear. This one I picked up at one of Black Honey’s shows a couple of years ago because I love the print (and the band) and it’s lasted so well- the cost per wear is probably down to less then a penny, thanks to how often I use it and the low price.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my ideal Saturday and it’s maybe given you some ideas as to how you can spend your weekend. I’d love to hear about what your perfect Saturday would sound like in the comments!

(Just a quick disclaimer- some of these photos were taken on my phone and others on my camera so sorry for the differences in quality/location!)

Top- Nobody’s Child (old, similar here)

Jeans- Topshop (only available in petite and tall now)

Gilet- Topshop (sold out and can’t find anything similar, sorry!)

Shoes- ASOS

Tote Bag- Black Honey Merchandise

Sunglasses- Warehouse (old, similar here and here)


A Night and a Day in Stratford-upon-Avon

Almost 2 weeks ago now, I spent one night and one day (well, more like half a day) in Stratford-Upon-Avon with my mum and sister. The predominant reason that we visited this quaint little town was to watch Macbeth at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. But being the geeky Shakespeare lover that I am, I obviously took advantage of being in his birthplace and spent some time being a tourist and more money than I’d like to admit in gift shops.

Before I get on to chatting about what I got up to, I want to briefly talk about the play because it was incredible. It was by far the best Shakespeare production I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a fair few) and felt even more extraordinary it being in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre itself. This production of Macbeth was reimagined as a psychological thriller which, this being one of my favourite genres of film, I obviously loved. Although it was a twist on the original play, the important themes were still there and Shakespeare’s exploration of gender expectations was highlighted, which I really enjoyed as I used Macbeth as part of a gender-focussed literary analysis last year for my EPQ during my A-Levels. I think the play is touring and being in shown in cinemas so if you do have chance to see it, I would definitely recommend doing so!

Because of bad traffic and a late check-in time, watching Macbeth, along with a meal at Zizi, was all our first day in Stratford-Upon-Avon consisted of. However, our second day in the town was lovely and sunny and felt like the first day of spring, so we took full advantage of that and explored the centre of the town a little bit more. Our day started back at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre as we wanted to visit the gift shop which had been closed by the time the play had finished the previous night. I spent an embarrassing amount of time in this gift shop, so much so that my mum and sister left me there after getting bored of me moaning about the lack of Othello merchandise (that’s probably the uncoolest thing I’ve ever said). I ended up picking up a Shakespeare themed tote bag (as pictured below), bookmark and badge along with a book called New Boy by Tracy Chevalier, which is part of the Hogarth Shakespeare Series and is a re-writing of Othello, something that I am particularly excited to read and will definitely share my thoughts on once I have read it.

We then headed over to Shakespeare’s Birthplace, which also had a super interesting museum on Shakespeare’s life and his works. Although the tickets are a little overpriced, I’d definitely recommend visiting. There were actors reading extracts from his plays and sonnets aloud in the garden, that I felt really justified the ticket price for me, especially because they were reading out my favourite sonnet (which is “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun” if you’re interested, although you’re probably not!) And, yes, there was another gift shop, which I of course spent too long looking around, even though they stocked pretty much the same things as the theatre did, in hope of something Othello-themed but with no luck- I didn’t realise how underrated this play is until after this visit and now I’m determined to change that by mentioning it as many times as possible in this blog post!

We spent the remainder of the day looking around Stratford-Upon-Avon and shopping and even picked up some vegan fudge from Rolly’s Fudge that I was particularly pleased with (it was delicious). I’d definitely recommending visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon if you get a chance to, especially if you’re interested in literature or history. Although there isn’t a crazy amount of stuff to do there as far as I know, so I felt like we stayed there for long enough even if our visit was brief.

I’m going to talk briefly about my outfit, seeing as most of the photos in this post consist of me showing it off in various scenic spots, and because it’s the most summery outfit I’ve worn all year. I love this lemon yellow cami top that I got from the Alexa Chung X Marks and Spencer collection a few years ago for around £3.99 in the sale (I actually own it in three colours because of this price point). Its always a staple in my wardrobe when summer comes around and I especially love it over a white t-shirt, as I’ve styled it here. Paired with a pair of light-wash jeans and no layers other than a blazer (!!!), I think this makes for the perfect spring outfit and one I’m sure I’ll be replicating throughout spring and summer. Also, these sunglasses were an absolute steal from Primark at £2!

T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Cami: Alexa Chung X Marks & Spencer

Jeans: Topshop

Blazer: Pull & Bear (similar here)

Shoes: Vans

Bag: Zara

Sunglasses: Primark (should still be in stock in store but for an online alternative, see here)



The Stigma Around Blogging

My blog has now been up and running officially for a week and I’m enjoying so much having it as a place to share everything I’m interested in. From designing the website, to writing the posts, to taking photos, a lot goes into it but I’m loving every part of it and feel so happy to have a space on the internet where I can finally do these things that I enjoy. Thank you if you’ve been reading my blog posts and showing your support on social media over the past week- I’d probably continue running my blog and writing posts even if no one was reading them as I genuinely do enjoy it so much, but it is also really nice and rewarding to know that others are enjoying it too,

However, something that I’ve noticed, not just in the week that I’ve been running this blog, but back when I ran my old blog and ever since taking an interest in bloggers and the blogging community really, is the stigma around blogging. It’s the reason that I wouldn’t share my previous blog, that I had for around 3 years, on social media and the reason that it took me so long to start up this one. It’s definitely something that I don’t think is as prevalent for me as it was a few years ago, whether that’s because of the people I surround myself with, the growth of the blogging community, or simply me giving less of a sh*t of what people think. But even if this stigma has diminished, people still seem to have a problem with blogging.

Actually, I think I should re-phrase that. It’s not just that people have a problem with blogging- no one turns the nose up at the fact I run the Girls Against blog- it’s blogging about personal style and creating a blog around yourself and your own life and personality that seems to really carry a stigma. From people looking at you weird when someone’s taking a picture of your outfit or the bitchy remarks made about the fact you’re willing to post these pictures on Instagram to the sarcastic mocking of anyone who plucks up the courage to do so, there’s something about personal blogs that people just aren’t comfortable with.

I think it’s probably something to do with how ingrained self-deprecating is into British culture. Most people just aren’t at ease with being confident in themselves- and I’m not saying that I’m a totally confident person and always feel great about the person I am and what I look like- but I don’t see a problem with photographing an outfit that I’ve put time and effort into putting together  because I think it looks good. I still struggle when I’m talking about my blog or anything that I’m doing that is either/both unusual or I’m doing well in not to do so with an air of self-deprecation. But I always, always, always make a conscious effort not to put anyone else down in that position, because you can usually be sure that everyone feels at least some self-doubt about something in their life, so they don’t need others putting them down about it too- especially if it’s something positive.

I really couldn’t care less anymore if people think blogging is ‘vain’ or ‘weird’ because it’s something that I love doing and I know it’s affecting my life in a  positive way. If there’s anything you’re thinking of doing, whether it’s starting your own blog or something totally different, but you’re putting it off because of what people might think, just do it (and no, this post is not sponsored by Nike- that cliche has just come in handy here). People are always going to make comments and say things behind your back and give you weird looks in the street (this one is mostly applicable to blogging but would definitely work for other things too…I hope) so you may as well just start doing something that you love for yourself.

Anyway, I’m including these photos whilst discussing this topic because they were taking in a very public place where I got my fair share of strange looks whilst posing amongst the leaves and in the mud for them. Also, these are my favourite photos that I’ve shared on my blog so far (and will probably stay that way for a while) and so I thought they were appropriate for a conversation about doing things you love and self-confidence! They were taken by the amazing Jenny Gavan and there’s going to be a couple more posts with photos taken by Jenny coming up in the next week or so that I’m really excited to share, and hopefully even more in the future! Jenny is an incredible photographer and I’d highly recommend taking a look at some of her work- you can find her on Instagram @jennygavanphoto.

I’ll also talk a little bit about this outfit (and then I’ll shut up because this post is getting loooong). Starting with the jeans because they’re how the styling of this outfit began, I picked them up in a vintage shop called Armstrongs, recommend to me by my lovely friend Anna, whilst in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. After having them taken up they fit perfectly and I’m so happy to have them in my wardrobe as a pair of white straight-leg jeans are something that I’ve been looking for for quite some time. And, to top it all off, they’re by Yves Saint Laurent which, although I’m not big on buying designer clothes (purely because I cannot afford them- let’s not pretend that I’m taking some sort of admirable political stance here), I was pretty excited to find these for £20. My favourite pair of jeans were actually £1 in a charity shop and so now I’m always on the hunt for good second-hand denim and I have a feeling this pair are going to be another of my favourites.

This bardot top is super feminine and I like how it offsets the more boyish shaped jeans and converse and oversized fit of the denim jacket. The bag, which I ordered almost immediately after seeing it on Georgia Meramo and Emma Hill, also adds a feminine touch, as I feel a straw bag always does, and makes the outfit a little more spring-appropriate, which I love as I live for spring and summer dressing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and these incredible photos. Thanks again to Jenny for taking them- I couldn’t be more happy with how they came out! Let me know in the comments or on social media about your experience with blogging and if you’ve ever noticed ‘the stigma’ (as I think I’ll ominously refer to it from now on).

Top- Pull & Bear (similar here)

Jeans- Vintage (similar here)

Jacket- Topshop (similar here)

Shoes- Converse

Bag- Zara




Transitional Dressing

This time of year usually sends me into a bit of a style rut. The weather is (relatively) warm one day, then freezing and raining the next. High street stores are having huge sales that involve a mix of last year’s summer collections and this years winter ones. Wearing a jumper as my only top layer will either make me hot and sweaty or returning home at lunch time to grab my coat and scarf . Its safe to say that the months of March and April can be difficult ones to get dressed for.

However, this year I am feeling inspired by my wardrobe and the clothes I’m seeing in shops. I am fairly certain that this is because this year’s winter has gone on forever and it was snowing up until the end of March, so any signs that I can wear even just one less layer are making me excited. Days are becoming sunnier and  nights are becoming lighter (and whenever it rains I just shut my blinds and live in ignorance). The indicators of summer that are slowly arising are making me so excited, which seems to be reflecting onto how I’m feeling about the clothes I’m wearing. I think starting my blog and styling up and photographing outfits is also definitely contributing with this burst of inspiration.

This was an outfit I wore in Edinburgh at the end of March. My legs definitely felt the cold and I got some strange looks from tourists who were obviously from hotter climates than that of the Scottish one and were wrapped up in scarves, gloves and hats. But wearing a skirt without tights was my way of bidding the warmer weather to come along, and assuring myself that winter surely can’t last forever. It seemed to work because the sun stayed out for the entire day and I actually felt like I needed to wear my sunglasses- what a novelty!

The pairing of this oversized jumper with a midi skirt was inspired by an outfit I saw a girl wearing on the campus of my University (although she was braving bare legs back in February!!) that I’d wanted to recreate for a while. This pastel pink jumper from ASOS has got me through the last months of winter. It’s the perfect piece for a lazy day at home but also looks really great styled for day-to-day life too; I particularly like styling it with a pair of blue straight leg jeans for a more relaxed look.

The navy midi skirt was an absolute steal from the Miss Selfridge sale a few months back (I think it cost about £7) and I have been waiting to wear it ever since picking it up. I love the straight long-line style of the skirt, jumper and jacket together as I think it creates a really relaxed vibe and offsets the *unusual* decision to go bare-legged in March. 

Heres to more sunny days and further opportunities to get my legs out- I’m counting on the UK’s expected heatwave next week!

The sun might have been out but this didn’t stop the wind from blowing my sunglasses off my head.

Jumper: ASOS (sold out, similar here and here)

Skirt: Miss Selfridge (sold out, similar here or get it in red here)

Jacket: Pull & Bear (sold out, similar here)

Bag: Zara (sold out, similar here)

Shoes: Vans

Sunglasses: Warehouse (sold out, similar here  and here)

Styling Red and Pink

When putting outfits together, I don’t usually start with the colours I want to wear. I tend to consider the fit and style of certain items and how they will go together. However, recently, I’ve been seeing red and pink worn together everywhere and I love how it looks. So, as soon as I picked up these corduroy salmon pink trousers in the Topshop sale, I knew straight away what I wanted to wear them with.

This outfit in particular was inspired by an outfit put together by Sammi Maria which I saw on Instagram and immediately screenshotted, saved and, thereafter, couldn’t stop thinking about. Sammi paired her straight leg pink cords with an oversized red jumper whereas I decided to go for a more slim fit red high neck jumper to match my wide-leg trousers. So I did change up the silhouettes a little bit even if this outfit isn’t the most original thing you’ve ever seen.

I actually want to talk a little bit about the difference between taking inspiration and ‘copying’ when it comes to fashion and styling while we’re on the subject though. I think what differentiates between the two is how you make it your own.  You could be wearing the exact same pieces, or just similar pieces, but, in my opinion, it’s only copying if you style them in the exactly the same way without injecting any of your own style into the outfit. I like to think that with this outfit, although I put it together after seeing Sammi’s outfit, I’ve styled it quite differently and made it fit in with my slightly more casual style. Its also super important to always give credit to those who have inspired you in whatever area of life/blogging that is. Giving credit where credit always helps to prevent any hard feelings and accusations of copying.

I paired my outfit with my trusty Old Skool Vans purely because this outfit was taken on a day full of walking and sight-seeing in Edinburgh and these are my comfiest shoes. They do look great with everything though and I think they add to the relaxed vibe of this outfit. I also added this bucket bag from Zara which I was particularly excited to wear with this outfit because of it’s red inner lining, which compliments my top very nicely.

The belt was kind of a necessity because these trousers are slightly too big on me but I do like the black and gold highlights of this outfit, created through the belt, jewellery, shoes, jacket and bag. Its a nice way to tone down the outfit’s otherwise bold colours.

I’m so looking forward for the weather to warm up a bit (a phrase I will continue to repeat until it does) so I can style these cords a little bit differently, as I think they’re going to be a really great piece for summer. I also must mention that the stain on my jumper is from the breakfast I ate shortly before this photo that I knew was there when taking these pictures but couldn’t get rid of (although, not to worry, its gone now). This jumper has been a great way to brighten up some of my winter outfits though. Plus, because its impossible to wear something bargainous without mentioning it, I actually picked it up in a charity shop last year for something ridiculous like £3- its originally from Zara.

Top: Charity Shop (originally from Zara, similar here)

Trousers: Topshop 

Jacket: Pull & Bear (similar here)

Bag: Zara (similar here)

Shoes: Vans

My Thoughts On: ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this blog post in January so excuse the seasonal references. I wanted to share it anyway because I really love this book.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath has been on my ‘to read’ list for as long as I can remember. I finally got round to reading it after my friend Bella bought me it for Christmas as part of our flat’s Secret Santa; she remembered me saying I wanted to read it a few months earlier which was so thoughtful. I wanted to read it as soon as I could now I actually had my hands on my own copy and started it right at the beginning of January, making it the first book I’ve read in 2018.

It was actually a lot like what I was expecting but I guess that’s because I’ve read quite a bit about it during the years I’ve spent wanting to actually read it. I knew it’s themes included mental health and being a woman, which is the main reason why I wanted to read it as these are things that I find really interesting to read about and can often relate to portrayals of them in fiction.

What I didn’t know though is that the novel is partly set in New York. This is something that I really enjoyed about it. Depictions of New York in literature always seem quite vivid and intriguing for me, maybe because its one of the only American cities I’ve visited and a place that has always fascinated me. Esther’s experiences of New York reminded me a little of Patti Smith’s descriptions of being a woman in the city in her book ‘Just Kids’ and, that being a novel I love, this is definitely something that I found really enjoyable about the novel.

Plath’s writing style in this text is something that I also really enjoyed. Its really personal and as a reader, I really felt like I was inside Esther’s head which was important in ensuring I could understand why the events of her life were affecting her as they did. I also think the portrayal of Esther’s deteriorating mental health was realistic and truthful and allowing us to see things from Esther’s point of view might give the reader a better understanding of why and how people suffer with mental health issues.

I also often find that in literature that deals with mental health there is one big ,significant event that causes someone to have mental health problems. Whereas in The Bell Jar we see how different aspects of Esther’s life, each of them holding different levels of significance, affect her, rather than one big devastating event. Again, from my experience, I think this is a much more realistic depiction of mental health that allowed me to empathise with Esther a lot.

I don’t think I have much else to say about the novel apart from the fact that I really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say it had me captivated or place it up there with some of my favourite novels but I gave it 5 stars on GoodReads and honestly cannot find a fault in it. It’s an important novel with regards to it’s portrayals of mental health and women’s lives in the mid-twentieth century. But it’s also an intriguing read, with fairly easy language and regular chapters which actually encourages me to read a novel so much more frequently as it gives me places to start and stop which makes picking up a book much less intimidating.

Berlin on Film

These photos are from quite some time ago now but I still want to share them on my my blog as there some of my favourite film photos I’ve taken. My boyfriend and I took a trip to Berlin as part of his birthday present in December for a few days. I took my brand new film camera with me after my old one broke during a trip to Rome in September.  This post is completely inspired by the amazing Lizzy Hadfield’s ‘Weeks on 35mm’ posts on her blog Shot From The Street. I really wanted to recreate something similar with my film photos from the trip and I’m hoping to share lots more film photos like this.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Welcome to my blog, Words By Alice– a blog name which isn’t particularly creative, or even entirely accurate (as I’m going to be sharing much more than just words), but I’ve wanted to start up a new blog for so long that I decided the name didn’t even matter that much. I say ‘new’ blog for a reason; I had a blog for around 3 years called ‘Style Comes From Within’ which then became ‘If You Like It Wear It’ (obviously I had a thing for cringey, cliche names) which focussed totally on fashion content. I gave up on that blog around 3 years ago and have wanted to start blogging again pretty much since then. I went through periods of loving my previous blog and posting frequently and periods where I had nothing to post about and, therefore, didn’t.

So, I’ve decided that this blog, Words By Alice, is going to have no particular category because my interests are so varied that I don’t want to always have to be writing about the same thing and I know from past experience that if I’m very into music at a certain point, for example, then writing about fashion isn’t what I’m going to want to do. Something that I always have, and probably always will, love doing is writing, which is how I came up with Words By Alice, a blog name that is totally unspecific and unrestrained. I’m going to be writing about everything from the books I’m reading to the clothes I’m wearing to the food I’m eating and much much more!

Anyway, now I’ve given, perhaps a slightly extensive, explanation of my blog name, I’ll tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m 19 years old and currently studying English Literature at the University of Manchester, whilst spending my breaks from UNI, and some weekends, at home just outside of Liverpool. My interests are far and wide and include books, fashion, photography, music, veganism and many other things. At the moment I’m very into fashion and style and fashion blogs have always been my favourite to read, so I have a feeling the content on my blog might initially sway towards this end of things but we shall see!

I’m also a representative for the campaign Girls Against, which aims to end sexual assault at gigs and live music events. I run their blog which you can have a look at here and edit all of the blog posts that go up on the site; so once you’re finished reading the posts on my site and I would definitely recommend you have a look at the blog posts over there because I can assure you that they are great! I also run a monthly book club for GA which I would love for you to join if you’re interested; we read books centred around themes of feminism and intersectionality within feminism.

I have a cat called Harley who I absolutely adore (as you might be able to tell from the amount of love that the above photo exudes) and I’m very much an introvert- keeping up with those ‘crazy cat lady’ stereotypes. I love spending time by myself and would pick a night in over a night out any day. Although I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend of almost 2 years and my friends just as much as spending time by myself, I really need to be by myself, usually doing something creative, to re-charge, which is why I think this blog will be great for me.

These photos were taken in my room at home and I decided to take these photos here for this introduction kinda’ post because, not only is my room at home much nicer than my room at UNI, but it’s where I feel most like myself. I’m so lucky to have a nice big room with lots of natural light at home and it always makes me feel happy and motivated, especially when my little kitty is chilling in bed with me. And where better to get to know someone than in there own room hey? I tidied it a little bit for these photos but I’m naturally a bit of a messy person to be honest so I didn’t go overboard, partly because I don’t want to come across as false on this blog but also because I really didn’t want to tidy my room (I’ll never understand people who enjoy tidying).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and getting to know me a little bit! I’m not going to keep myself to a strict schedule with this blog as I study full-time at university and have a part-time job as a secondary English tutor. However I am hoping to post at least once a week so I will no doubt speak to you soon!

Also, if you’d like to, you can follow me on Twitter @aliceporterx and on Instagram @aliceporter16.

Jumper: Urban Outfitters (no longer available, similar here)

Jeans: Topshop

Watch: Casio