1 Shirt 2 Ways

1 Shirt 2 Ways

Today I have another post with some photos from Corfu, and there’s many more to come so I hope you’re enjoying them! I’m sharing a little holiday styling tip that I learnt from Lizzy over at Shot From The Street (the editing of these photos was also inspired by her, specifically her 35mm film posts, which are my favourite blog posts by anyone ever.) I remember reading (or potentially hearing over on her YouTube channel) her talk about packing tactically for pool/beach holidays by taking clothes for the evening that double up as cover-ups to minimise the amount of clothes you take on holiday. Although I’m anything but a light packer, I thought this would be interesting to try.

When I originally bought this dress (it’s probably designed as a shirt) from H&M, I thought I would use it purely as a cover-up. Oversized shirts, specifically striped ones, are my go-to pool cover ups as they look so effortless and they genuinely are really easy to wear. But when I tried this on in the changing rooms, I decided that it would also work great in the evening for the more casual nights.

1 Shirt 2 Ways

I wore the shirt in the evening on the first night. Firstly because I couldn’t wear it as a cover up until I had worn it in the evening and secondly because it was the most casual and comfy evening outfit I had with me and I had been awake since 3am that morning and in airports and on a plane all day. The fact that the evening photos were taken on the first night explains the pale legs anyway. I paired the shirt with black and gold accessories to elevate the look a little bit and these sandals have a little bit of a heel, adding some formality and some necessary height. This bag is really old and probably the most formal black bag I have, which is why I chose to add it to this outfit. Although it would definitely look better with a bag with gold hardware. Obviously, I also wore my trusty gold necklaces (that I could definitely do with re-purchasing) and also added my Casio watch to tie in with the gold elements of the outfit. To avoid flashing the other guests at the hotel on the first night of my stay, I put on a little pair of denim shorts under my dress, which were really more a practicality than an aesthetic choice.

My styling of the shirt as a cover-up is pretty predictable really but how couldn’t it be? I paired it with this old blue and pink Urban Outfitters bikini because I’m all about a bit of co-ordination. To add to this, I also wore my pink Warehouse sunnies. It is also paired with my white Bikerenstocks, which I wore during the day every day on holiday.

1 Shirt 2 Ways

This shirt is the perfect length as, although it is short for an evening piece, this makes it slightly more sexy, which contrasts nicely with it’s more boyish fit. For a cover-up, the length is great too because you can 100% wear it without any shorts, which is something that I had to do with my shorter shirts. I actually bought this shirt in a size 16 to ensure it had the length I wanted so maybe keep that in mind if you are thinking about getting it or any shirt to be worn as a dress.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and interesting! I love finding different ways of styling my clothes as I am often guilty of wearing things once and then getting a little bit bored of them, so techniques like this one can really help. I’ll be back on Sunday with another blog post but until then, I’d love to hear what your favourite type of holiday cover-up is in the comments.

1 Shirt 2 Ways

1 Shirt 2 Ways

Shirt- H&M

Evening Outfit:

Shoes- Topshop

Watch- Casio

Bag- Urban Outfitters (old, similar here)

Cover Up Outfit:

Shoes- Birkenstocks 

Bikini- Urban Outfitters (old)


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